10 Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips

When we think about renovating our bathroom, it would often leave us scratching at the back of our heads and wondering, “Where to start?” since ideas may come in easy but can get very overwhelming.

Oddly enough, it is easy to get excited and dive into a massive project in your home. Especially when it comes to that one area where we begin and end our day. But before we get ahead of ourselves to looking at tile swatches and probably get caught between the struggles of giving up your shower for a bathtub, we have more important things to consider first.

So! Without further ado, to help you along the way, we will go over to the main things you should consider before renovating your bathroom.

#10 Set Realistic Expectations

Conceptualisation is easily the best and fundamental part of the process. Here you are set to indulge in your creative mind as you think of your bathroom’s best possible design. It’s easy to find inspiration from the internet these days, especially on social media sites where many aesthetic home designs might strike your fancy. But, it is essential to stay grounded about it.

These days, being practical is the best way to go. And believe me, you can undoubtedly find an elegance in simplicity.

#9 Assess your Bathroom Layout

Of course, when planning your bathroom renovation, you certainly have to be aware of what you are dealing with. Create a list of the things that may need revamping and the new things you might want to place or install. This way, you can quickly identify which areas you might need servicing and areas you can deal with yourself.

If you’re budget conscious, you don’t have to rehash your whole layout and start from scratch as it can get quite expensive. If you want to save money, you can efficiently work with what you have and add in little details such as furniture that can give it a whole new vibe. But if some things need to be looked into or fixed, such as plumbing or lighting fixtures, it is best to seek help from professionals.

#8 Find the Right People to Do the Right Job.

It is crucial to find trustworthy and credited professionals, especially if the renovation you will be doing in your bathroom is big. Sure, hiring them would come with a price, but they can save you the trouble from mistakes and future expenses down the line.

In choosing the right designer, you must seek someone who will prioritise what you want and have their input improve your vision. Have someone who can give practical suggestions and efficient design layouts that aim to make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing and provide innovative changes.

When it comes to hiring a contractor, find someone you can be on the same page with and communicate effectively. Reliable contractors are difficult to find, but thanks to the internet, suggestions, and credits go unfiltered. You can ask for references in identifying which person can get the job done. Safety is your number one priority here, so have someone you can trust in your home. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for the proper breakdown of the labour and materials; to ensure that it meets with your budget.

#7 Stick to a Time Frame

Renovating your bathroom would take a lot of work. When it comes to big projects like this, it is crucial to plot a proper schedule for each renovation process, from planning to purchasing, repairs, instalments, etc. You need to write down everything on your calendar. Sticking to a time frame will ensure that you get your renovation process from point A to point B in the smoothest way possible.

You don’t want any hitches or bumps on the road with this now, do you? After all, time costs money. Be organised. Create your schedule and stick to it.

#6 Budget your Money Wisely

Your finances are highly relative to the planning process. From the design to the things you want to work with, it is vital to set aside a particular budget for your renovation. As we mentioned earlier, renovating your bathroom can get quite expensive. Be sure that your money goes to the right investment. Try to avoid diving into splurging your money on things you feel like you want, but your bathroom doesn’t necessarily need it. You can try to write out a list of the things you or your family might need and find the best essentials that suit you and your budget.

When going into this, accurately weigh things in and ensure that your money would go to something highly reliable, practical, and worthwhile.

#5 Maximize the space you have

Budgeting and being highly efficient with your design includes maximising your space as much as you possibly can. With a designer’s help, you can quickly figure out ways to find the best practical placement of furniture or cabinets to add efficiency and accessibility to your new design.

For example, have your towel racks next to the shower room or tub area as close as possible. Height is one thing to consider if you want to place in new cabinets on the wall. You can put in a larger mirror in your vanity to make your bathroom feel bigger than it is. Don’t ever forget to install accessible power outlets.

Considering your storage is also one of the things to be looked into. From the towels and linen you can put in your cupboard, to the makeup and skincare products you can store in your vanity; it gets down to where it is placed and the necessary bathroom essentials you can keep there.

It’s crucial to be mindful of these things.

#4 Pick the right flooring

Having the right flooring is an essential factor to consider. Though there are plenty of available choices in the market that might deem the perfect fit for your bathroom’s overall design, you should choose the right material that is durable and can withstand a lot of moisture. Vinyl tiles are notably the most popular choice as they come in a rather low cost yet come up with the best material as they are non-skid, comfortable, and durable. Other tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, and stone are good options to consider too.

#3 Good Lighting is Key

When it comes to ambience, lighting is everything. Knowing where to place it is imperative properly. An overhead light in the bathroom is a must, and so are direct lighting in your shower and vanity area for the obvious reasons. Natural lighting from the windows adds a nice touch to the overall feel of vibrancy to the bathroom as well.

#2 Aim for Good Ventilation

All your hard work in renovating will simply go to waste if you don’t consider this one crucial factor that most people tend to overlook. Aside from the proper air circulation, ventilation helps prevent a buildup of mould that can destroy all the expensive work you’ve placed in your renovation, such as the walls, floors, and cabinets.

You can have fans installed, or your windows remodelled to maximise its size to secure proper ventilation. This way, once the job is done, you can relish with comfort the fresh new ambience it gives to your home.

#1 Proper Planning

Before renovating your bathroom, you have to plan each detail carefully. It is essential to take proper precautions and even extra steps in the planning process. If done right, you’ll be setting yourself up for a seamless yet highly efficient bathroom design that would add value to your home.

How Bathrooms R Us Can Help

Here at Bathrooms R Us, we’re fully licensed builders, so our design and build process is fully managed from start to finish, You won’t have to worry about anything throughout the whole project. Your bathroom renovation will be in the hands of our experienced director and his team of experts. We also have the latest cutting edge technology that gives you a virtual tour of how your dream bathroom will look like, before even building it. 

If you have any questions or would be interested in working with us. Send us an enquiry, and we’d love to chat!


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