5 Things Nobody Has Told You About Bathroom Renovations

The idea of renovating your bathroom is thrilling. From imagining the designs you can do, the potential layouts you can set and the overall changes you can make to put it all together is an experience you’ll look forward to. But a full bathroom renovation is not an easy task. 

There are a lot of areas you need to cover, and things to take in consideration before you set yourself up for a full-blown bathroom make-over so here are 5 things you need to be aware of before you begin your renovation process.   

A Bathroom Remodel may cost you more than you might expect 

If you think that renovating the smallest room in your entire home shouldn’t cost much, think again. Bathroom renovations can cost you more than you bargained for. A full-bathroom remodel involves plumbing, the flooring, electrical wiring changes and of course, the substantial amount of designing the entire room that fits your taste and suits your home.  

The labour expenses alone for all of that might make you take a step back into re-assessing your initial choices if you already have a design in mind. So you better allot a definite amount of money if you’re setting yourself up for a bathroom make-over.

If you are on a budget, though, don’t fret. You can spare yourself from the trouble if you consult a professional bathroom design that can suggest the right materials that can add value and maximise your budget without a waste. They can also give you the exact costing for everything you’ll need so it would save you from wondering the exact budget you’ll be spending on the labour and materials you’ll need. 

Never go through it alone; hire a professional to do the job

DIY Bathroom make-overs are quite popular. But a bathroom renovation in its entirety is already a big task, what more if you do it all on your own? You have to be aware that it is not a feasible thing to do; especially if you have no background when it comes to this matter. 

Renovating a bathroom takes plenty of matters into consideration, and most of it might be things you can probably overlook. Areas such as the ventilation, plumbing, and proper placement of furniture or even lighting fixtures are one of the most crucial factors to bathroom design. It is vital to hire a professional bathroom designer to take the correct assessment in identifying which areas need changing or improving. 

Who knows, they might even suggest that you don’t have to change the plumbing at all and could give you unique and cohesive designs that would match your home perfectly. 

Bathroom Renovations can be time-consuming

When you do a full refurbishment of your bathroom, realistically enough, it can take you a month or more at most to complete the whole process. It’s not something you can accomplish in a week. People live hectic lives, and it’s not like you’ll always be at home when you have work and other important matters to do. 

So yes, it would take some time before you can complete the entire project. So you have to talk with your designer and set a proper schedule to get things done at the right time when you are free to do so. This way, you won’t encounter any hitches or bumps in the road. Setting a well-organized timeline can help the process of renovating your bathroom transition smoothly. 

Give room for enough storage space

Having enough storage space in your bathroom is an essential way to avoid a very messy vanity and de-clutter your whole bathroom altogether. Don’t limit your cupboards or even shelves to make room for statement pieces you won’t have much use of. Always prioritise storage when it comes to your design to keep your bathroom as neat and pristine as possible. 

Maximise your space; go for efficiency rather than upscale

When it all goes down to conceptualising your bathroom design, you should make wise decisions in constructing a layout that will maximise every inch of your bathroom. Save your money from buying exuberant furniture and opt to spend it on more conventional and useful materials that are of good quality and make your bathroom stand the test of time. 

Your flooring and the tiles that you use is the overarching part of your bathroom that you should invest as it composes the majority of your bathroom and contributes to its overall look. Opt for waterproof materials for your flooring such as Vinyl which is not only cost-effective but exceptionally durable and requires little maintenance. 


When it goes down to it, it is especially important to be adequately informed and well-equipped with knowledge before you dive into renovating your bathroom. Since it involves a lot of money and time, it requires the right amount of looking into and dedication to accomplish your dream bathroom design. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional bathroom designer either. It’s best to rely on a professional to tackle the most complicated areas in your remodelling process. 

How Bathrooms R Us Can Help

Here at Bathrooms R Us, we’re fully licensed builders, so our design and build process is fully managed from start to finish, You won’t have to worry about anything throughout the whole project. Your bathroom renovation will be in the hands of our experienced director and his team of experts. We also have the latest cutting edge technology that gives you a virtual tour of how your dream bathroom will look like, before even building it. 

If you have any questions or would be interested in working with us. Send us an enquiry, and we’d love to chat!


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